7-Day KICKSTART Challenge

 It's HERE! I created my first fitness 'challenge' for you! This is only a 7-day challenge its purpose is to MOTIVATE you, show you some examples and tips on how to create your own FITNESS ROUTINE & HEALTHY LIFESTYLE that is sustainable and fits your own needs.

DISCLAIMER: This is not meant to be any magic formula that will bring your a dream body in one week. The purpose here is to give you resources, motivation, and support for your fitness journey.

Let's KICK this START!

 This small E-book contains a 7-day workout split, some tips for your workouts, a nutrition guide full of basic information about nutrition, tips from me on how to build positive eating habits, and a sustainable long-life lifestyle that will bring you results and many health benefits and you will also find a small part about daily healthy habits and why they are so IMPORTANT!

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