About me



Strength training and bodybuilding. = Strength is a new sexy.


Development of fitness skills for long-life fitness ability.


Healthy eating habits and relationship with food.


Fitness as a lifestyle that affects all areas of my life.


Hormonal balance as a important vital sign for both overall health & fitness goals. 

My name is Sabina and I am the founder of my project Your Female Fitness Coach. After years of being crazy into fitness, I decided to do my PT qualification.


However, my journey was not always easy. I did struggle with health issues connected with my mental health, hormonal health and unfortunately because of lack of knowledge I believed that cardio machines and classes paired with a restrictive diet were the only way to achieve my goals.

 Throughout experience and time, I also have worked with two personal trainers both female and male and both experiences were amazing. Apart from that both were in a different part of my life and gave me something different. I changed completely my training routine and discovered the power of resistance training. Also, I finally understood that with zero carbs and fat not only I won’t make any progress and won’t gain any muscle mass but I wouldn’t recover from amenorrhea. I did suffer for 2,5 years from amenorrhea and no doctor could help me or tell me what to do (apart from to get hormonal treatment which I would never agree). Anyway, all these experiences, good and bad, has given me inner strength, confidence, and respect for my body.


These days, many women struggle not only with their fitness goals, don’t know how to lose weight and get those sexy curves. These women need mental support – mindset shift. From the moment, I really started to appreciate my body, this whole process of bodybuilding and improving has become much easier. 

This is the reason why I do appeal to a more individual approach with my clients. My goal is to teach women that a fitness lifestyle does not mean chicken, rice and broccoli and hours of cardio. I want to help these women to understand this whole point of fitness lifestyle with all aspects – yes it’s maybe not for everyone. But long-term physical and mental health benefits are for everyone. The purpose of my coaching programs is to create a healthy relationship with food – no restrictions, no feeling of guilt and regrets, no BS diet plans but a flexible enjoyable and healthy way of eating. Individual training routine to bring more endorphins to their life. And more than foremost create healthy daily habits, create positive body image and self-confidence through self-care.

 Yes, this is what I do help women with and this is what I am passionate about.

I hope you enjoy browsing my site and all of the unique content I have to offer, perhaps you'll discover what fuels you as well.


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