Mango & Coconut Protein Pudding with Chia Seeds | The Most Delicious Pudding in Fit Version

Do you love summer the same as me? This lovely light dessert can help you get there.😊 A very simple recipe that is quickly done and can be stored in the fridge for a couple of days.


🥭frozen or fresh mango

🥥250g low-fat Greek yoghurt

🥭30g chia seeds

🥥30g coconut flakes

🥭500ml coconut-almond Alpro milk

🥥1 sachet of coconut pudding in powder without added sugar

🥭4 scoops of protein (I use bulk flavour New York Cheesecake - click HERE to get 35% discount❗️)


  • Simply mix chia seeds with yoghurt and 2 scoops of protein. Make the first layer.

  • Prepare your pudding let it cool down a little bit and add 2 scoops of protein and coconut flakes. Make a second layer.

  • On the top go mango and pieces of cashew nuts.

Give it a couple of hours and then ENJOY!💛

The recipe is for 4 portions, depends what bowl, glass, etc. you have.

Macros for 1 portion are👇

363 kcal

25g carbs

35g protein

15g fat

20g sugar

You will find my recipes in the MyFitnessPal app.💛

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