non-baked MANGO cheesecake (no added sugar, fat, flour, and high protein)

I love to bake some fit sweet treats, this one is actually non-baked cheesecake and it is DELICIOUS! It very tight, fresh and you can choose a flavor you like. :)

Corpus ingredients:

150g soaked dates in water 200g+ground oatmeal 20g ground nuts

Cream ingredients:

300g light cottage cheese 200g light cream cheese 200g light greek yogurt 2 scoops of protein (I used white chocolate from Bulk powders) lemon juice + lemon zest from 1/2 lemon 100ml almond unsweetened milk 1/2 sachet of gelatine

Top ingredients:

250g unfrozen mango chunks the second half of gelatine

Let's start!

For corpus, mix soaked dates with a hand mixer until it’s a paste, add grounded oatmeal and nuts - you can add oatmeal until it’s not too sticky to transform the mixture into the baking form - gently press into the bottom. For the cream, in a bowl mix cottage, cream cheese, and protein powder with a hand mixer until it’s smooth, in a pot, mix warm milk with 1/2 of your gelatine - when it’s cool down a little bit add into the cream and mix everything together - then transfer into the baking form and cool down in the refrigerator.

Now you are going to make your fruit top. In a pot warm-up (not boil) unfrozen mango chunks with a little bit of water and the rest of the gelatine - mix with a hand blender.

When the cream is not too thin, pour a mango on the top and let it chill for 2-3 hours.

Macronutrients for 1/8 of cake: 269 kcal 19g protein 27g carbs 26g fat

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