The 80/20 Rule Nutrition Approach | Creating Own Healthy Lifestyle

The 80/20 rule is one great approach to a sustainable long-life healthy lifestyle.

Basically, 80% of the time you eat healthy, fresh & whole foods. The rest 20% of the time you can enjoy anything you desire without feelings of guilt.

This approach/mindset will help you to create a more positive relationship with food. The food you fuel yourself with is everything from your energy, your mood, your skin, your hair, your sex drive and hormone levels,... And this is how we should think about food, it gives information about our bodies and sends the instructions that kick off a chemical chain letter.

Then is much easier to make better food choices and at this point, you won't experience sudden food cravings and hunger attacks that may end up with overeating and food binging.

Things to remember☝️

1. THIS IS NOT A DIET - this is a lifestyle that may help you lose weight but more and foremost it may help you create a long-life healthy eating approach. You don't want to be dieting for the rest of your life, do you? I recommend to focus on small changes in your eating habits. Smaller steps = bigger results.

2. REMEMBER PORTION CONTROL - eating a whole foods diet still means paying attention to your portions. If you overeat any food, even healthy food, you are likely to gain weight. So be mindful of your portions. If you do not track your macros, use portion control guide and eat in moderate.

3. EXERCISE - the exercise helps to balance out the extra calories that you consume on your 20% days, weightlifting helps build muscle, which burns calories all day long. Apart from that you burn some extra calories, exercise has many other benefits! Don't think about exercise the way that it is a tool that allow you have extra cake. Exercise gives you much more than that.

4. BALANCE IS KEY - it's all about finding a balance and that 20% gives you that wiggle room you need to enjoy yourself. In this approach are no restrictions at all. You can eat literally anything you like - again with the awareness. Because it is easy to slip from 20% to 40%. In this case, you put yourself into pressure that will make you restrict more for next week which already gives you the mindset of punishing and restricting yourself. Then it may be the case of any event that may happen which makes you emotional and potentially makes you overeat or binge.

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