The Easiest non-Bake Lemon Cheesecake With Strawberries🍓🍋 | Fitness Protein Version With No Sugar

It is January 2021 and I decided to make more summery mood at home by making this refreshing lemon-strawberry cheesecake with white chocolate!🍓🍋

Last time I did Mango & Coconut Cheesecake which was absolutely delicious bomb (if you didn't read, check THIS POST).

Lovely combination! I feel like in summer.😎🍋🍓


🍓For crust

▪️ 150g dried dates

▪️ 100g oatmeal flour

▪ 100 milled almonds

▪ milled flax seeds

🍋For cheesecake

▪️ 2 packs of fat-free cottage cheese

▪️ 2 scoops of protein

▪️ 1 lemon for lemon zest and juice

▪️ zero calorie syrup Skinny Food co. (click HERE to get 10% discount on your order)

▪️ 200g low-fat Greek yoghurt

▪️ plant milk or yoghurt for consistency

▪️ frozen strawberries

▪️ 1 pack of gelatine

▪️ 100g white chocolate for decoration - optional



Soak your dried date an hour in advance. Then mix them with a hand blender. Separately mix almonds and oats on flour. In a bowl, process all three ingredients together - if its too sticky, I usually add more oats or coconut. Fill the bottom of your baking form and create a thin layer.


For the cheesecake, mix cottage, yoghurt, protein, zero-calorie syrup, lemon zest and lemon juice. - Use a hand blender to mix cottage into smooth. Don't forget to add the gelatine. I usually use 3/4 for cheesecake and 1/4 for topping (strawberries).


Let it cool in refrigerator (approx. 1 hour) and then warm up your strawberries in a pot. Add gelatine and pour over the cheesecake. Let it cool down overnight (the best way to avoid temptation 😋)

I added white chocolate just for decoration which is optional and is not included in macros below but it gives it nice sweet balance.

Macros for 1/12 piece are

If you tracking macros in My FitnessPal - you will find my recipes by the name on the picture below. ♥

217 kcal

16g carbs

18.3g protein

26.4g fat

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