TOP CLASS FIT BANOFFEE | No Sugar and Lots of Protein - Simple & Macrofriendly Recipe

Finally BANOFFEE🍌🍌🍌

I am totally thrilled by this recipe. 😁 Honestly, one of the best of my fit recipes creations and so many of you asked for the recipe. And guys, this FREAKING BANOFFEE does not have any added sugar or fat. 🤩 So I won't be annoying you with some stories around and going straight away into RECIPE.

🍌Ingredients for 4 portions/glasses🍌

▪️ 100g oatmeal

▪️ 20g nuts

▪️ 3 bananas

▪️ 450g low-fat cottage cheese

▪️ 1 sachet of unsweetened caramel pudding

▪️ 400ml of milk (I use Alpro)

▪️ zero calorie syrup flavour 'English Toffee' from one and only the Skinny Food co. (go check LINK HERE for a 10% discount)

-also, you can use any sweetener you like/have (from sweetener, sugar, syrups, honey, etc.)

▪️ 1-2 scoops of protein I currently have New York Cheesecake flavour from bulk (-35% discount link♥️)

▪️ 200g low-fat Greek yoghurt

▪️ cinnamon

🍌Instructions🍌 It is totally simple, you will only prepare each layering step by step and then stack it up in your glass.

First, prepare your pudding with milk by instructions and add toffee syrup as a sweetener. Let it cool down.

In a bowl mix the cottage cheese until smooth, add yoghurt and protein - I added one bigger scoop.

On a pan, toast oatmeal, add cinnamon and at the end add zero calorie syrup.

Cut your bananas and get ready your glasses.

It's time to stack up. Put oats mix, then yoghurt, caramel pudding and bananas. Repeat.

Enjoy! 💛

Macros for 1 portion are👇

In case you are macro counter, you will find my recipes in the MyFitnessPal app!📲

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