What Is My Fitness Motivation? + My TOP 10 Tips On How To Stay Motivated

Not every day we feel motivated and active like another day. For some people, it is hard to develop a new routine that they desire, for some, it is just the question of accountability and discipline. What does motivate me?

🧐People often ask me where all my motivation and energy comes from. What is my story and what makes me motivated towards a fitness lifestyle?

I have been involved in sport and fitness all my life. When I was young I tried aerobic, tennis, then basketball for 9 years (always in my heart and I will start again for sure ♥), beach rugby, pole dance, and then fitness and more specifically bodybuilding. Sport is just part of my life and I cannot imagine life without it (basically this nightmare almost become a reality during lockdown).

Anyway, short story long, I will move on to my fitness journey already. I was 16 when I bought my first fitness membership, who knows me, knows me carrying my sports bag - work-gym-home and over again. I remember these times on a treadmill, didn't know what to do really, and felt insecure. I felt in love with group classes, I love Les Mills Body Pump kind of classes but also Pilates, Yoga, and the most circuit training - it is a killer. I think most beginners start with group classes. It is great for socializing and motivation during the class. Now, I see group classes as a great addition to your regular training routine because, you won't learn a proper technique, proper posture, progressive overload methods during the group class. If you have a specific fitness goal, you should get into personal training.

My last year of basketball at the University of Worcester, UK.

I had two personal trainers (both female and male PT) in my life and it was a game-changer for my training and progress, and an amazing experience that I am grateful for.🙏 Both of them were bodybuilders, so that's why I am into this area of fitness. It is fascinating when you start to understand your body, when you start to apply new training and diet methods and start to see changes. Honestly, personal training has given me the most and I draw from this experience until today.

Me with my personal trainers.

Fitness taught me the highest level of discipline and that is what most people don't understand. I was in competition prep and that was the point when I was just focused on my goal and I didn't have an issue to stick to my plan. People always commented and asked about my food - because I always prep my meals and they are just healthy. But no matter if I was in any competition prep or not, this is just my lifestyle and the way I live.

🍽Whether you are on a diet, or bulking, in contest prep, or just working out to look good in the summertime, your work ethic and discipline speaks for your results.

Of course, my journey has a dark side as well - hormonal issues, self-image, food binging but today it was everything just missing knowledge that led me into these situations. Today these experiences formed me as I am, I love and appreciate my body and they make me feel desired for helping people and especially women with health and fitness lifestyles.


👉Go to the gym when you are lazy

👉Prep my meals to know what is in them and have enough nutrients that my body needs to maintain all body functions, repair, build, and protect muscle mass and give me an energy

👉Push myself to the failure to get stronger

👉but also to get rest when I feel my body needs that💤, and get dirty food🍔 and enjoy it because I know nothing will happen if it's occasionally and my body gets everything it needs during the week⚡️


1. Set your goals and be specific

Goal setting is the most important in any journey of your life. With no goal, it is like to buy a flight ticket with no final destination. For goal setting can be used a SMART goal setting approach which stands for:


Make sure you know you set realistic goals and you know what to do to reach them. Remember an unrealistic goal will kill motivation but conversely, a goal that is too easily achieved can also lead to boredom. Another tip is to focus on the smaller goal that will lead you into a final desire.

2. Plan your training/diet routine

There are hundreds of ways you can approach your challenge. Whatever your goals are you should have a plan. If you are really serious about your goals and you want to get results - plan it, apply it, track it, review it, and progress. With your goal ahead, the planning is much easier because you know what you want. A structured plan will always increase your motivation and your chances of success.

3. Find your role model

Identify what really motivates you, who inspires you, and get constant reminders why you are doing this. I used to have my role model on my mobile wallpaper, why not? Find what is it that you are interested in. I love to follow people on IG who really give some value and educational content or workout this rather than just selfie people. If you remind yourself of why you are doing this regularly, then chances are you will keep doing it.

4. Don't get overtrained

I remember I was able to train every day for a whole month, but I still include light training into my schedule. However, it is easy to fall into the temptation to push yourself and do every workout every day. Rest is important and when you have your training schedule, you will have your rest days too. Remember that rest day it for your body to recover, repair, grow, and become stronger the next day.

5. Track your progress

As a personal trainer, I always track the results of my clients. Apart from weekly check-ins photos, you can track your strength and conditioning progress. It is nothing unusual to have a small notebook in the gym, or track your training, exercises, reps, set, resistance, used method into your phone. It’s a great way of reminding yourself how far you’ve come when times get tough or inspiring yourself to go even further.

6. Challenge yourself

Be creative and give different types of activity to your body to avoid plateau, boredom, and demotivation. As I mentioned at the beginning, go into a group class, visit the swimming pool, add some flexibility or mobility routine. It will help you improve your general fitness more than you think. Make it FUN.

7. Get your diet right but also treat yourself sometimes

Nutrition comes before everything else, every disease, every deficiency, etc. comes from inside of our body. Therefore, be mindful of what do you put into your mouth every day. Whatever your goal is - nutrition is the answer. Your body needs quality food full of nutrients to give to your body quality protein, carbs, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Eating too little can drain our energy, whilst eating too much can hinder our results. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from an expert. Social media is full of suggestions but these can lead to a lot of confusion. Understanding the basics of what a healthy balanced diet is can make a huge difference when it comes to fitness and improve weight loss. On the other side, give yourself something that is not on your diet plan. Go with a friend or partner for a good breakfast, or brunch, have a burger for a Friday dinner. When you avoid too many restrictions, and you still will be mindful, your fitness journey will become easier, enjoyable, and SUSTAINABLE.

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8. Create a rocket workout playlist

I love music. Any music. I have about three workout playlists of a different kind of music but each of them is full of my most favorites song that makes me move and lift hard and be focused as nobody. The music will really help you be focused on yourself and your workout, no people around, no distractions. Believe me.

9. Don't forget on self-care

I used to neglect 'me-time' but it is great to have an evening with a bubble bath, face mask, candles, a glass of wine. Or have a massage, go to get a new nail - do whatever makes you feel happy, comfortable, and relaxed from daily stress.

10. Stay accountable

Share your goals, people sometimes feel insecure in front of their closest friends and partners because they may underestimate you. But the truth is, you will inspire them with your determination and passion. You’ll also have a friendly ear to share your progress and your struggles. Hugs and high fives. A personal trainer is the best person that will help you stay accountable and motivated. You can't say NO to your coach when another set is coming. 😊


It is better to focus more on discipline than motivation. When you have certain rules and goals, you can't slip away. Always remember that you are capable of anything you will think of.

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